Breakthrough Marketing Communications and Strategy

As the owner of a growing business that recently celebrated its 50th year, I thought I knew how to market ourselves fairly well. That was until I met Robert Goodfellow and Wayne Mitchell of Chester Summerhill. Robert and Wayne were able to capture the essence of our brokerage and present it in a way that was fresh and unique in a rather dry and complex industry.

After learning about our company’s history, and seeing our values, beliefs, and our future goals, they were truly able to think outside the “insurance box” and create an entire campaign consisting of print, logo, website, electronic and television materials that resulted in a complete rebranding of our brokerage.

Their precision and creative talents have helped shape us to where we want to be now and for years to come. We are truly grateful for all their hard work and continued professionalism.

Bart Oegema, C.A.I.B., C.I.P., C.C.I.B
Oegema, Nicholson & Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd.

“Chester Summerhill has been instrumental in leading MDS initially in the redeployment of its brochures and technical marketing material, and eventually to the complete rebranding of MDS – its logo, website, marketing materials, and all internal and external communications media.

Led by the creative talents of Robert Goodfellow, Chester Summerhill brought a fresh and creative approach to presenting MDS to the world. They began by listening – a rare talent – and learning what we are about – our abilities, goals, and values. They then set out to present these with a clean, clear, and precise touch that is evident in everything they do.

It is a pleasure to know and work with Robert; he is a masterful researcher and writer, able to reduce complex subjects to concise and clear communication. With every assignment, he brings high energy, good humour, and professionalism to deliver products of the highest quality, on time, and at a reasonable cost. I therefore do not hesitate to recommend the services of Robert and Chester Summerhill for any similar assignments.”

~ Kevin Fitzgerald; MDS President & CEO

“Robert Goodfellow continues to be a much-valued creative resource…providing his writing expertise to us on many occasions when an extra-high degree of artistry and flair was required to make the product stand out from its competition. Each time he met the challenge with aplomb, resulting in an excellent finished product, and a very satisfied client. Robert has also proved to be a first class researcher, sourcing and gathering the information required to complete assignments quickly and thoroughly – a factor that is immediately evident in the quality and authenticity of his writing.

He is also a masterful interviewer, quickly establishing a rapport with his subjects by generating and maintaining a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. His interview techniques have been often successful in getting raw information fleshed out and embellished with the kind of personal insights that make his finished work truly memorable”.

~ Bob Sharp, Vice-President, McBrain Sharp Inc.

“Chester Summerhill was instrumental in assisting me in the development of a communication and marketing strategy for two new Telesat product lines for both the Canadian- and USA-based markets. Not having any real personal working experience in these fields, Chester Summerhill guided us through all the steps and presented logical and clear options, alternatives, and suggestions that resulted in successful product releases. This process came complete with product branding and naming, associated supporting slogans and taglines, brochure material and PowerPoint templates. I am very pleased with Chester Summerhill’s work and the value of their products”.

~ Hubert Janssen, Telesat Canada’s Senior Business Planner

“Chester Summerhill provides a very hands-on and personal service that is extremely important and yet difficult to quantify. Robert brings years of experience and knowledge to any new project, offering advice, creative ideas and innovative strategies for success. He often comes back with several well thought out suggestions, ideas and approaches – all aimed at enhancing the message and/or presentation of the message”.

~ Patricia Kube, Telesat Canada’s Manager of Corporate Services

“Robert has provided valuable strategic counsel to position Beechwood on a national stage – most recently, our media conference to announce the groundbreaking of our Beechwood National Memorial Centre. Robert is very creative, has a tremendous gift for writing and an ability to quickly grasp the essence of an organization”.

~ Vera Yuzyk, Director of Development, The Beechwood Foundation

“Chester Summerhill is a company that prides itself on client communication, before, during, and after the project is completed. In short, Chester Summerhill was able to do what they said they could do… Efficient, creative and professional work plus the personal and individualized attention to the task is what we found with Chester Summerhill”.

~ Jean P. Mantha, Director General of the Macdonald-Cartier Academy

“Chester Summerhill has been pivotal in developing a new, more appropriate company image, which includes a new logo, core (mission) statement, a new more professional look to our ads as well as a complete new website. Robert has proven himself to be a very competent, creative and responsible advisor”.

~ John Robillard, H.I.S., President of Robillard Hearing Centres

“It is refreshing to encounter such a thoughtful and sincere approach…the clarity and simplicity of the conceptual representation of our graphical treatment was right on”.

Rob Pierce, Managing Partner, 2Keys Corporation

“When Validian needed a direct mailer, Chester Summerhill delivered a powerful message and great creative that was on target, on time, and under budget. Working with Chester Summerhill was a pleasure”.

Nikki Sinclair, Director, Marketing & Communications of Validian Corporation

“I can honestly say… I’m speechless. This work (website thematics and text) is absolutely fantastic. The work is beyond my wildest expectations”.

Dean Paripoush, Vice-President, Desini Homes