Breakthrough Marketing Communications and Strategy

Doing It Once Before coming in to see you Chester Summerhill has already looked behind the scenes to discover everything it can about you. You wouldn’t expect anything less. Every assignment begins with a confidential 35 to 45 minute recorded interview* (tape made available to you should you wish to have it on file).

Every aspect of the assignment is examined, identified, and noted – including, but not limited to: Doing It Well From that interview Chester Summerhill has all that it needs to move forward creatively on message, and on strategy. Not only is it our job to deliver what we promise, it, too, is our responsibility to maintain your comfort and confidence level allowing you to purely concentrate on your own business agenda.

Doing It Right Moreover, Chester Summerhill’s approach to any given assignment ensures that we’re on the same page at the outset, guaranteeing that what’s presented will be engaging, creative, and on strategy. The record has shown that 99.999% of the time it’ll be right when you see it, and you’ll want to embrace it.

* Not only is this interview methodology crucial for the assignment at hand, you will likely find it enormously helpful to crystallize your own thinking and objectives.